All Natural Peppermint Scented Window Cleaner

I have been making and using this window cleaner for years. I love it and will never use another product. Here is why:

– If one of my children were to drink it, I wouldn’t have to call poison control. While you probably shouldn’t ingest essential oil, there are only two drops in this concoction. I would rather worry about that then the nameless chemicals in commercial cleaners. So  I can hand the bottle to my kids and have them go clean the windows. Yippeee!

– Peppermint essential oil is said to have benefits like clearing congestion, quiet headaches , improves mental clarity and tackles symptoms from PMS. So it smells good and makes you feel good while you work. Win!

– It does a really good job. I like things that actually work.

– It is so cheap to make its silly. Plus the ingredients last on the shelf for ever and ever. I think I have been using the same starch container for about 5 years.


So here is what you need and how to make it:

– a table spoon of lemon juice

– 1 cup of club soda ( it works just fine after it has gone flat)

– 2 drops of peppermint essential oil

– 1/2  a teaspoon of cornstarch

Mix all the ingredients in the measuring cup. Then pour into sprayer. Do not put them all into the sprayer and then shake. It is so tempting, but club soda is carbonated! After a day or so the fizz leaves the mixture and you will need to shake before each use to insure that the starch hasn’t settled to the bottom. Grab a cloth and go to it. Or better yet hand it to a kid and have them go to it.

NOTE: This is a natural product, so it will go “bad” at some point. This size batch lasts me for a few months. I would say about 3 or 4.  This amount gives me a chance to use every drop before the lemon juice molds.  I would not make super large batches unless you have A LOT of windows to clean. Also the ingredients sit happily waiting for you to quickly mix up some more. So no need to make gallons at once.

Go clean some windows and feel happy!

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