Owl Love you Forever- A Valentine Craft For Kids


This would make a wonderful Valentine’s day gift for parents or grandparents. Everyone LOVES hand print crafts and everyone loves owls. I first came up with this idea when I was put in charge of my daughter’s pre-school Halloween craft. I loved them so much I came home a made one for each of my kiddos.


IMG_1043 IMG_1041

These can easily be turned into lovely Valentines with a change in paper and hand placement. Here is how to make them.

    IMG_1058         IMG_1059


– Three sheets of scrapbook paper. I chose to use two solid colors and one patterned paper.

– A small scrap or sheet of orange paper for the beak.

– White paper for the eyes.

– A scrap pieces of paper to draw a templates  on. ( You do not have to do this, but I find it very helpful when you are making, say, 15 of everything. )

– A pencil for making the black eye dots.

– Paint. I use acrylic. Black and a color for hand prints.

– Paintbrush

– Clear hand soap. ( I have a handy tip for this! )

Make your templates if you are using them and then move to cutting out your paper parts. You may also want to use scrap paper to practice making your shapes before you cut into your pretty paper.

IMG_1060 IMG_1062

IMG_1063 IMG_1064

Glue all in place. Solid color body down first, then the belly, then eyes and last the beak.


Have the child hold their hands like so when pressed to make a heart. I put the paper upside down then press. I like to do a little practice with no paint first. That way my kiddo has an idea of what I am asking them to do.

Next brace yourself for the awesome stress of children hands covered in paint…. I go ahead and put a step stool in front of my sink so I can go right from hand pressing to washing without them touching anything else.

TIP TIME! Add a one or two squirts of the clear hand soap to the acrylic paint and mix it in. This makes the paint spread nicely on their hands and stay wet for a nice print. It also makes it REALLY easy to wash off.IMG_1066

Here comes the paint!

Once that is done, dip the pencil’s eraser in the black paint and use it to make the black eye dots. I usually do a few practice dots on scrap paper to insure I don’t  have too much paint. Put your eye dot in whatever direction you like! This is what gives your owl personality. So have fun.


And here you have a super nice Valentine for a wonderful Mommy, Daddy or Grandparent.  If giving as a gift I would consider an inexpensive frame. These look super special once framed up!

Happy Valentines Day!

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