Winter Terrarium

winterfriends©c.stoufflet As part of my after Christmas and before Spring Decor I came up with these cute little Winter terrariums. I don’t know what it is about a terrarium, but I just love them.  There is something so magical about them. So when I found these little hedge hog critters in the flower department of Hobby Lobby I knew just what I wanted them for.

IMG_1108 Here is what you will need-

-Large glass jar or container.

– Some pebbles for bottom of jar.

– Some critters and or interesting nature bits ( acorns, seed pods, etc. What ever floats your boat. )

– Something to use for a tree. I had this tiny winter tree that you would use in one of those Christmas Villages. A clipping of of a bush or tree would do as well.

– A can of flocking.

– Snow powder. I got mine from the train modeling area in a hobby store.

– Moss.

First place pebbles into the bottom of the container.

 I chose to use the “ugly” looking moss.

 Add your moss and “tree”.

            Then spray down into the container with the spray flocking.

           I used a paper towel to clean the glass while the flocking is still wet.

         Now add your nature finds and critters! Then sprinkle on the snow.

How cute Is that?!

This is another one that  I made. My kids love them. Nothing like a little winter critter terrarium to help beat the winter blues.



Keep Calm  – Spring WILL Come!

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