Cookies, Cookies, Cookies


We have made it through our second year of cookie selling! It is such a relief to be done. Not to mention that we actually reached our cookie goal. Oh those cookie incentives….blast them! Lol.

Although I do have to admit, selling cookies is truly teaching my daughter about business. The lesson she learned this year- you DO NOT make random additions to the cookie order form while talking to your Grandfather on FaceTime. Yup. That was fun to figure back out. She is now one step closer to being a business women.

The next step is to package our orders with some TLC. Our friends and neighbors are truly doing us a favor in supporting not only our troop, but our Girl Scout Council and our camps. So your customers need to feel the love so that next year they will be willing to support you again.

I found this great tags from Hotcakes.

Tag_GirlScout         Tag_Cookie

She also has other types on her page that you should look through.HERE And she has PDFs for printing.

I love these tags because they not only help me, but they add to the look of the bundled cookies.


I whole punch the tags and have my Girl Scout  handwrite her name on every one. Then I wrap up each order with curling string and slip the tag on. This keeps them in cute bundles. So much more special then a plastic grocery sack.

IMG_1367  IMG_1365

If they have a large order  I use one of the cookie shipping boxes and tie it closed with the curling ribbon.


It takes a little extra energy to do this but I think it helps convey the specialness of supporting our Girl Scouts and our thankfulness for their order.

Now I think I’ll go eat a Samoa…

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