Curious George Birthday

curious george balloons.jpg__161x400_q85

For my little guys second birthday it had to be a Curious George party. When planning my decorations I always look at what I already have. Buying tons of themed everything can be fun, but then if I have leftovers, it can only ever be what it is. I like to work with colors to convey my theme. With George its pretty simple. Primary colors. Red, Yellow and Blue. I added green to help pull in my existing part supplies.

This is what I came up with:


 I already had the placemats, plates, the cloth under the cake ( actually a receiving blanket I made for them as babies), the wrapping paper and birthday sign.  I made this Happy Birthday sign for the boys first birthday. I plan to use it every year forever and ever. I keep the name part of the sign with the tissue paper poms over their bedroom window as decoration for their room. I love it. 

Tip- I keep a box in my hall closet and I store all my party supplies in it. I have had a different theme every year for each child’s birthday but have used the same basic supplies over and over. Plus if I see cute supplies on clearance I have a place to store them until its party time again. This saves me time and money.



For the yellow hat I just used a yellow cup and plate. The cup has a strip of brown construction paper around it with a small black rectangle for a buckle. I love it!

Ps- double stick tape is my new best friend. Perfect or little projects like these cups.




This was the first time I had ever bought a store made cake. I got it from the WalMart bakery. While I really liked the way it looked I think we are a homemade cake family. The frosting is just so darn sweet! I drove all over town looking for the Curious George dolls and ended up ordering them from the PBS wed site HERE.

IMG_0611Balloons are a must for a birthday in our house. I only ever get them for birthdays and the kids know that when the balloons arrive its party time.




Checking out their party!


Sweet and simple.

Happy Birthday to my little monkeys!

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