A Slide For My Wild Little Pumpkins

We are in the up and down craziness that is a Southern winter. On Friday it was 3 degrees when I dropped my daughter off at school. Then Saturday and Sunday it was in the low 60. We knew it was going to snap back on Monday, so we ran in the yard and got busy working.

I love for my kids to be outside. Especially in the afternoon when I am trying to make dinner. The whole back of my house is windows, but I still like to know that they are safe and out of trouble.

Last year we built the kids a play house. I found the inspiration HERE.



At the The Handmade Home she gives you everything you need to know to make this. Pricing, material, and lots of how to. Really helpful!

It was everything I wanted in a playhouse. Except that its four feet off the ground with a ladder. Last Spring my boys were 2. Not going to work. Plus we have some pretty woods behind us that I would never want to block from view. So this is what we came up with.


It is winter here. I”ll have to post a fresh picture once spring has come and the “tiny house” has had its Spring cleaning.

So we built the rocking playhouse and the kids love it!  Not only is it safe but it perfectly filled up an odd empty spot in our yard. It is also totally shaded underneath all day in the summer and offers some warm sunlight in the winter. Perfect!!

But what about the slide?? My husband and I decided we would figure out the slide bit later. Now it’s later and poof here comes the idea! Lets build the slide into the hill.

IMG_1084    IMG_1076

After dragging the slide all around the yard we decided on this spot. Its is in the shade during the hottest part of the day in Summer. In other words, hopefully it  will not get scalding hot in the sun.


Yup. That looks about right.

Now for some digging. And possibly some arguing…. 


We found some large rocks in the woods behind our house and decided to use them for a base. The idea being that it would make it more solid and that we wouldn’t need as much dirt.

IMG_1106    IMG_1105

Checking  our height. Looking good!


We decided that the slide needed to be secured into something and not just sitting on the dirt. So we pulled out a scrap piece of treated lumber. Attached it to that and then sunk it into the mound.


Next some no-float mulch to cover the dirt. It took about two bags and it nice and thick.

* We have had some crazy weather since putting down this mulch and it hasn’t washed away at all. I wish I had known about this stuff years ago. *

IMG_1154   IMG_1153

Our grass spreads crazy fast. So I am betting that it will cover the mound by the end of the summer. It seriously creeps all over. A super nightmare to try and keep out of my flower beds.IMG_1253

Last step! We used a bag of sand to level the bottom of the slide and to fill in any gaps.


The kids LOVE it!

This was a fairly simple one day job. Safe and fun. And as the kids get older we can build our mound a little taller if need be.

Happy, happy, happy !

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