You’re All That & A Bag Of Chips

I found this great post by My 3 Monsters and thought it would make a perfect Valentine for my daughter’s school class.

4f3f7355d40cfc1e72c5fb026edd5574Head on over to her page to get the PDF. HERE

I picked up a variety bag of baked chips. I am sick of candy and while chips are not the healthiest food ever, they are not a spoon of sugar. Plus everybody loves chips with a sandwich!

IMG_1261Print, cut and attach with double stick tape. You could staple them but I didn’t want to see staples. Plus just I love double stick tape.


Fold your tag and press it down onto the tape.

Done! Woohoo! Thanks for an easy cute Valentine!


Happy Valentines Day!

Thank you My 3 Monsters!

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Update: Check out my revision to make these faster to make and uses less precious color ink. HERE


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