Simple Cherry Blossom Craft


Cherry blossoms are a super big part of Japanese culture. Every year the citizens pay close attention to the forecasts  in anticipation of the cherry blooms. Hanami festivals celebrate the beauty of the blooming season. This is a time to relax with friends and family while enjoying the bounty of blossoms covering the area. The custom of these festivals date back many centuries in Japan.

This year as part of our booth for World Thinking Day the girls will be making these simple blooming branches to decorate our booth.


What you will need:

–  Leafless branches. It is actually winter here so finding a bare branch was simple.

– Hot pink tissue paper. ( I made 12 flowers from just one sheet of each color)

– Light pink tissue paper.

– Hot glue gun.


I folded a sheet of each color and cut them into squares. You will need two squares of each color to make a single flower. Hot pink on the outside and two light pink on the inside. You could also stack them with the hot pink on the bottom and the light pink on the top. Just depends on what “look” you like best.


Then all you do is stack the papers on top of each other like so.

IMG_1299Then you stack the other two on top each other off setting each sheet.


Then pick up the stack and pinch the center from the back and twist.


This is what it looks like from behind.


Put a nice blob of hot glue on the branch. Then press the twisted point on back into the glue glob. When working with the girls I had them each pick a spot on the branch for their flower. Hot glue is HOT so it needs to be handled by a grown-up.


Done! Maybe scrunch the tissue some for a more realistic look.



Easy! Perfect craft for our Daisy Scouts. Not to mention lovely! The are so pretty I think I am going to have to find a way to use them as part of my Spring Decor.

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