DIY Owl Mask


*So this may seem a little out of season, but Mardi Gras is this coming week( parade wear! ) and I have an Aunt with a birthday coming up( the reason I am making another mask). Happy Mardi Gras Y’all! *

For Halloween this year I made this awesome Owl mask. As a Mother of three I am always thinking and planning ahead for big events like holidays. How can I have fun, participate and get three kids to do the same without losing my mind?

After 6 years here are my key tips for Halloween-

1. Dress your kid up completely before or after the night of trick or treating to take pictures of them “in costume”.  This takes a tremendous amount of pressure off me to take “the perfect” picture while running from house to house collecting candy.

2. Cook dinner in the crock pot. I don’t care what you make, just go ahead and have it cooking. I always want the kids to have a nice real meal since I know they are going to eat so much junk that day. The good old crock pot helps me serve up a healthy dinner without me being tied to the kitchen.

3.  Cool Moms dress up. Yup. We all want to be a cool Mom. So I invented my owl mask. All it requires me to do is to slap on some lipstick, put on the mask and suddenly I am all dressed up. I don’t like masks that cover the whole face. I find them crazy creepy. This just covers my eyes and I don’t scare my kids or myself when I look in the mirror.



Here is what you need:

– A mask form. I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $3. It needs to make the little Fleur De Lys at the top.

– A bag of feathers. Again I got this at Hobby Lobby for $3.

– Black acrylic paint.

– Glue

– Hot glue gun

– Paint brush for both the paint and glue.

– Small square of card stock or I had a scrap piece of black foam.


First paint the mask black using acrylic paint. This keeps the white of the mask from standing out in areas not totally covered by the feathers.


Next open your bag of feathers and sort them out.  I like to start with the center of the mask and then build one for one on each side. That way each side of my mask is even looking. Also it is just easier to look for two similar feathers at a time. One for each side.

Once you have you feathers, brush on some glue and start placing.

IMG_1379    IMG_1381

Fill in the upper eye area. You will go back in with white feathers last. Also I like to have a feather sort of sticking up on the ends to form horns.

IMG_1384 IMG_1385IMG_1386

I place the feathers so that they are over lapping.


Build up each side of the bottom portion of the mask.


Now go back to the center of the mask and fill in around the beak area.


At this point I go back in and fill in where need be.  Make sure the area around the eye openings are full, but that nothing will stick in your eye!



Next its time to add the white feathers. For this I trim off the hard stem of the feather, dip the end in glue and then tuck it in behind the spotted feathers.


You may need to fiddle with it here. Next I put one more white feather on either side. So a total of 4 white feathers.


Next is the beak. I would suggest putting your mask on and playing around with the paper to get an idea of the shape you want and how it feels on your face inside the mask before you start cutting.

IMG_1396 IMG_1397

Use your hot glue gun to glue in place.


Done! All for less than $10. Here’s to an awesome easy costume!

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