Spring Butterflies


There is snow on the ground here again, but we are ignoring it. Its time for Spring to be here and so we are bringing in the season with our Spring Butterfly art.

This is a super simple activity. Better yet, the messier you are the prettier your butterflies. We made these for our windows last year and also as Mother’s Day gifts. The boys were 2 then and they loved it just as much today as they did then.


There is what you need:

– White paper. We used printer paper.

– Paint brushes

– I like to use paper plates for palettes.

– Washable children’s paint.

– Black acrylic paint to paint in the bug bodies.

– Scissors

IMG_1442  IMG_1443

Cover your work surface. I have a scrap piece of cardboard I keep handy in my pantry. Then get the palettes ready and pre-fold your paper.



Hand the kids their  brushes and let them get to it.

IMG_1461 IMG_1453

Once they are finished fold the paper in half and press down.


A masterpiece! Its as simple as that. Easy.


Let them dry on a flat surface.

IMG_1468 IMG_1469

Once dry, I paint in the bug bodies myself.

IMG_1470 IMG_1471

Wait for the black paint to dry. Then I refold the paper to cut them into butterfly shapes. I don’t have a set butterfly shape. Each is different to work with the painting.




I love how these look in our window! Now if only wishful thinking could melt snow…

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2 thoughts on “Spring Butterflies

    • My kids are crazy for art! It has been so much fun to watch their abilities grow. That and the fact that they get totally lost in making things. I will say I am super choosy on what I keep. We have a monster recycling bin and I fill that bad boy every week. I try and look at it as a grown artist. If this were mine and my mom gave it back to me would I want it? These kids will have a super stash of inspiration for when they are grown ” makers of stuff”. 🙂

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