Spring Wreath



Today while my little pumpkins are at school I am getting all our Spring/Easter decorations in place. I recently made a large nest as part of my indoor decorations and decided I would make one for my Spring wreath as well. For instructions look HERE.


IMG_1553       IMG_1552

There is something so lovely about a nest.


For instructions for easy bow making look HERE. The burlap is 4 inch wide ribbon and I overlaid the lace.  Simple, natural and fresh.


HELPFUL HINT- When ever I make a wreath I always start with a simple form. The burlap form or in this case grapevine. My decorations are always detachable. It do this I tend to use tan color pipe cleaners. As shown above. For the nest I simply bent the pipe cleaner into a wide u shape and threaded it through the center of the nest and out the back. When Spring is over I can take my nest off, store away, and use my grapevine for another project.


For example, my wreath looked like this yesterday. Makes for much easier storage.


And after some easy nest and bow making to this. I love it!

Happy Spring!

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6 thoughts on “Spring Wreath

    • I know! It was actually an improvised idea from when I was making the baby wreaths. I liked it so much and had just enough to make one for me. WooHoo! The lace and light color eggs help it to stand out from my dark door.


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