Pom Pom Bunnies


So I first came across the idea of Pom Pom animals when I found this kit by Klutz at a local toy store. I quickly grabbed it and ran for the register. I just knew my crafty daughter would LOVE it. You can find one HERE on Amazon. Such a great kit! It has everything you need to make at least 3 puppies including little paper purses to fold and put them in. Awesome gift.


Then while surfing Pintrest I saw this pin from Mom On Time Out. Hello these are so cute and why not use the same tools from the Pom Pom Puppy Kit?

IMG_1590 IMG_1591

I happened to have some white yarn up in the craft room. Perfect for a white bunny! If you do not have a pom maker then check out HERE for ways to use your fingers. Each side of the pom maker takes a 4 yard strand of yarn plus a short length to tie off the pom with.



I set my little crafter to work wrapping the pom forms.

IMG_1595 IMG_1596

Here are what the forms look like once they are wrapped and snapped together.

IMG_1597 IMG_1598

I did the cutting since it is a little hard for small hands. Then you tie the poms off. Make sure to tie a super tight knot.


Pom Pom happiness!


Then you trim the poms down so that you have a large and medium pom. The smallest is a pre-made pom for the tail.


I used hot glue to attach the two poms together. Once that was done we used craft felt to cut out ears and a nose. Then attached them with hot glue as well.


Then we used two black beads for the eyes. Hot glue in place.


Next we used two different size pre-made poms for the hands and feet.


Plus a little bow for her hair!




How cute is that! My little crafty girl loved her new bunny so much she wrote an entire Easter story about her. These would make crazy cute additions to an Easter basket.

I will note that my girly is 6 and I worked side by side with her. Hot glue guns are not for children. So I did all the gluing. So this is a great together craft.

Happy Easter crafting!


Check out HERE for how to make a Peter Rabbit.

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