Easy Easter Centerpiece



Welcome Spring! How we have longed to see your face. Spring is hopping into town, and soon the bunny will be here. This Easter tablescape is super easy and cute.

I bought this bunny for my daughter’s very first Easter. Every year for 6 years she has graced our table. I always remember the excitement of seeing our boxes of Christmas decorations coming down out of the attic. The happy feelings of seeing my Mom’s key pieces come out of storage. This little bunny and her chicks are one of my key pieces for Easter. When she makes her way out of storage it means the end of Winter. I love that I get to see my 6 year old’s same excitement as the familiar decorations are unpacked.

So saying all that. Our little bunny is just a cute stuffed bunny in a basket with paper grass. Surrounded by her six little chick friends. All atop a simple table runner I made years ago. Easy easy. It makes me and all my little pumpkins happy.

Hope this gives you some ideas for your own Easter tablescape!




Happy Easter!

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