My Studio- Part One

So this weekend we have been hard at work in the Stoufflet house. What have we been doing? Replacing the carpet in my studio. Our house is only 2 years old, and we built it. So why are we pulling out the floor? Well it started with this guy.


Peter Poundstone. To make a long story short, he has a habit of peeing on the studio carpet. I have cleaned and cleaned. No matter what I do, he sneaks up there and does it again. I will say that I never wanted carpet in that room. Why in the world would we have carpet in a room where I paint and let my kids paint? I blame it on the lame lady at our builder’s flooring supplier.  The standard for that room was carpet and all she would show me was hardwood and strange rubber type flooring that would all completely blow our our budget. Lesson learned- you do not have to buy all your flooring from the builder’s chosen supplier.

So after several paint accidents, a naughty kitten and a burn mark from a lamp that was knocked over, the carpet HAD TO GO! The carpet bothers me so badly I cannot even go up there. Not to mention the constant wondering of “Do I smell cat pee?” So I went to Pinterest looking for some inspiration. I found it with this pin.


With a title like “How To Install Laminate Flooring… for dummies and pregnant women,” I HAD to check it out.  Her floor looks fantastic! How about this, I can afford to do it right now. What? She managed to do it while pregnant? Yes!! Please let this be the answer!! I looked up Lumber Liquidators with my fingers crossed and low and behold there was the exact flooring she had used. Not only that but for the same 49 cents a square foot. Thank you Interiors By Kenz you have saved me!


Major Brand 6mm Donar Oak

I drove the next day to our local store. The color is perfect for the overall feel of our home. We ordered it the same day. One week later 7 boxes were loaded into my van.

IMG_1672Here is the studio right before we started pulling up the carpet.


I was shocked at how easily the carpet came up. The hardest part is cutting it and then carrying it down the stairs.




Unfortunately the cat urine had reached the sub floor. Once we had the carpet and pad out I sprayed the floor with Shaklee’s Basic G. I have been super impressed at this products ability to wipeout nasty smells. Once dry I used Kilts Original Oil based primer to seal any residual odors out. While Shaklee is an Earth friendly product, oil based Kiltz is not. Hello. That smell could knock a person out. Wear a mask and open all windows! You can order Shaklee products from my friend at  Mary Organizes. I have been using them for 6 months now and am pleased with the results. Super Earth friendly and safe for your family (and wallet).

Be sure and stop back by to see My Studio – Part Two!

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* Update= The new floor has be in place for months now and the cat urine smell has not resurfaced AT ALL. The proof that all traces of cat stink are gone, Peter has completely stopped his bad habit. Yes!! Thank you Lord!


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