My Studio- Part Two

The new floor is in and it feels so GOOD! I finally have my room back. The lingering cat urine smell is totally GONE, the room has the wonderful smell of NOTHING. The scent seems to be gone for Peter Poundstone as well. Once a cat has marked a spot they keep doing it until the smell is 100% gone. Two weeks and no problems. WOOHOOO! There have been some major improvements in the functionality of the room as well. Its all around awesome.

First a look at what it was like before:


There are still small projects to be done but I am to excited to continue decorating. I want to get to work! So with out further ado here is my new and improved studio!!!


My work zone!


This desk was our first ever building project. We had been married for 3 whole months. Brennan was recovering from a near death experience. He was almost hit in the head with a TDU ( submarine trash can) while off loading the sub ( he was once a Naval Supply Officer). He made this table with a very amusing head bandage coving the ear that was nearly sliced off. (AHHH! It was awful. Thank God he was ok. ) He talks about re-doing this table every so often but I love it as it is. Here is why:


We made the top a shadow box covered with glass. When I get paint on it I can simply scrape it off with a razor blade. Perfect for a messy artist. Plus I get to see happy images while I work. How can you not smile at that those photo booth pictures?!



IMG_1756I love it and we will have it forever. Its such a great way to display an inspiration board without cluttering up the walls or workspace.

My husband made these desks for the kids! I still have to find some chairs, put a top coat of clear varnish on and anchor the top to the base. That will all have to wait until after Easter. As is, the kids love their work zone. ( Can you guess what my kids will be getting in their Easter baskets? Fun new drawing tools and fun storage bins. Two birds with one stone.  )




A round of applause for the wonderful floors that started this room makeover…….



I am so happy we found these floors. They are lovely, easy to instal and cost effective .

For more info on where we found them check out this POST.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. I will be busy working in my stink free studio if you need me. LOL.

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