DIY Reading Tent

Two Christmases ago, I found this great cardboard castle for my daughter on black Friday for $8. She LOVED it. (OMG! When I googled for this picture, the price is $38. Geez!) It gave her a great place to hide out in her room. She would also “camp out” in it every now and again. Like I said, she loves it.

After 2 years of being in her room and two sneaky brothers, it had started to reach its last leg. Not to mention that it is pretty big. I was willing to over look its massiveness until it started to look worn out. I think I asked every time I deep cleaned her room if I could take it out.  No way was the answer.



I had been looking a different tents for months and months. Nothing was floating my boat. Until I saw this one.



This is from David and Caroline Parker. I love it. They used the plans from Anna White, but its the front closure that did it for me. We are very familiar with Anna White building plans in this house. Her building plans are awesome. I already had my fabric, paint and bolts. I purchased the 4 foot long pre-cut pieces of wood from HomeDepot.





The blanket is a play mat I made for her when she was a baby. The bean bag I made a few years ago as well. I had purchased one from Wal- Mart thinking I would recover it. Do you know that it had a  tag with a warning label stating it contained materials known to cause cancer?! Back that thing went in a flash! The lantern is a Japanese paper lantern left over from a party and I got the light cord from Ikea.





I wanted her to have a safe light source since she will be doing lots of reading in here. So I dug up a left over paper lantern to protect her from the bulb. For a safe way to turn it off and on I found an extra power strip and used safety plugs to cover the extra outlets. Now she can just flip the switch. No plugging or unplugging.


She is happy and I am happy! The perfect spot for a little girl to hide out and relax.

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7 thoughts on “DIY Reading Tent

    • Thanks! We are very happy with it.The closure in the front makes the whole tent. Plus I love that when I walk into her room it doesn’t take up so much visual space. She loves that she is totally hidden and can freely turn on and off her light.
      Happy crafting!


  1. Ha! The fabric is actually a flower pattern. Not sure what sort of flower that orange one is supposed to be? But now that you mention it it does look very much like a pumpkin and is probably the reason I love it so much. To the point that I have been hoarding this fabric for just the right project. I really do have a passion for a pumpkin shape. Odd but true.


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