Sand Table

So it went from freezing to pretty darn hot in a snap. We are welcoming the warm weather by cleaning out our “tiny house”. The main star in the tiny house is our sand table. It is a pretty simple idea, but I just had to share it. We have been happily using our homemade sand table for almost 4 years now.



Every year I empty the sand table, sand it up and reapply the paint. Here is what our table looks like empty. We used all scrap wood from the trash pile from a house that was being built in our neighborhood. The bottom piece has small holes drilled in it to allow for water to drain, but not for all the sand to pour out.


Here is why I love this table:

– The kids have to stand to play. Aka. They don’t get pants and shoes full of sand every time they go outside.

– For what ever reason, the urge to pour sand on your head or friend’s goes down significantly. I guess it’s because you are not rolling in it.

– Its easy to cover. Hello cat poo free sand.

– When covered it makes a nice table for art projects or a picnic lunch.


For the top we just picked up another piece of scrap lumber off a job site. I like to use the cheap plastic table cloth to cover it. They are waterproof and are easy to wipe clean. Plus they come in fun prints. This oblong table cloth was on clearance from Easter and was so large I cut it in half. So when this half bites the dust, I can throw it out and use the other half. Cheap and cheerful!



For the large toys I store them in a galvanized bucket under the table. Sorry, not in pic. The kids seem to have dragged it off in the yard some place…. kids. The galvanized buckets can be $$ but they last forever, while plastic bins in the yard go bad super fast. I will also add that I wouldn’t buy the super fun colored bags of sand. WHY NOT?! Well they are about $7 a bag. Guess what the kids do?  They make a mess with it, pour it out and just generally play.  You already will be yelling ” keep the sand in the sand box”, better to not be upset about the ” wasted” expensive cute purple sand.



So there ya have it. Our cheap and cheerful answer to the old sandbox.

Happy warm weather y’all!!

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