Protecting Your Seeds

It is finally time to be in the garden again. How I have missed spending the morning out in my yard! I have had a garden every year for the past 7 summers. Even for the two summers that we were renting I lucked out and had a great spot to garden in our neighborhood community garden. It was in this garden that I came to understand the awesomeness of raised garden beds.

So when it came time for our new garden to be put into our home yard, it had to be raised beds. We checked out Ana White to she what she had to offer in the way of DIY.


We found this! A plan to build cedar raised beds for $10 a box. Perfect. Check out her plans. HERE.





Here is my garden spot! Our first summer was a disappointment. I unfortunately had poor soil. Check out this post for the examples of what I used to build my soil. HERE

Onto protecting your seeds. After 3 Springs of planting here I have learned that there will be at least one major rain storm. Like 4 inches of crazy rain. It has gotten me every year. The rain washes every single seed away and compacts the dirt. That leaves me back at square one. I think my first summer here I had to put out seeds twice. Yup. Pretty ridiculous.

Then while munching popcorn in my new favorite store, Atwoods ( hello free treat for my boys), I see these stacks of $1 coffee bags and it hits me.

The simple answer. Once I plant my seeds I cover them with the split coffee bags. The burlap is perfect. It allows light and water through, but prevents washing out and compacting the soil.  It  keeps me from washing my tiny seeds away when watering and helps prevent the soil from drying out. Also with little ones in the yard it gives them a clear “this area has been planted” warning. That way someone doesn’t come along and dig around with their little shovel. Genius. Pure, simple, cheap genius!


So I do my planting. Cover the bed.


Then water the area. You need to wet your burlap once you cover the spot. This helps to keep the wind from blowing it way. It gets crazy windy here.

IMG_2112 IMG_2113

The first picture above is from a row of corn that I covered. It was protected from several rain storms we had. The second picture is from an unprotected row of corn. They are literally right next to each other and the wash-out in the second was crazy. The first row when I pulled back the burlap was just as perfect as the day I did my planting.


I keep the burlap in place until I have some good sprouting. Then I just shake out the burlap, allow it to dry if needed. Fold it up and store it away until I need it again.

So there you have it! I hope this helps you in your garden endeavors.

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Grow it! Eat it!


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