Freezer Paper Shirts and Getting Ready for DISNEY!

To celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary my hubby and I are taking our little family to Disney World. We will be visiting The Magic Kingdom and The Animal Kingdom. Then, once we are done bathing in luxury, we are going to camp on the beach for two nights.( Lord Be with us!!!) To save some cash, I have been sweeping Pinterest on money saving tips.


I found this pin from Dana Made It. I love them! I really like the simple vintage look to them. They are perfect for our day at Animal Kingdom ( yes I plan to dress them safari style).

If you get your shirts from Wal-Mart then they cost less than $5 each to make. When you have to multiply everything by 3 or more it can be pretty pricy. I want to pull out all the stops on our trip but I don’t want to blow loads of money doing it. So less than $15 for three shirts vs. $15 per shirt. Deal. Hand me the paint. You can go HERE to follow the same instructions I followed. ( Plus, when their Daddy buys them ice cream and they dribble it all down their front and ruin their shirt on its first wear, I can smile, take a pic, and not worry about $45 down the drain. )

I will note that Dana Made It is unsure of where she got her Mickey and Minnie images. BUMMER! They are so cute. Bellow is the one I used for the shirts I made.




I have numbered the order in which I found it easiest to cut out the image. You will be saving the inside eye, both inside mouth shapes and the inner face. So be careful when you cut them out. Also it you do mess up, you can always retrace the messed up part on a scrap sheet and just cut that part out.




Here is my stencil when cut out. In order to keep the face details in place I covered it with a light cloth napkin. Once they were sealed in place I went over the stencil with the iron directly.  I hit it with lots of steam. IMG_2089 I used the black Tulip paint that she mentions. Worked well. ( Ps- these pics are from a sample I did before I tried this on my shirts. )


If you have any little bloopers, I used a tiny brush to smooth things out.

IMG_2131 IMG_2119


TIP:  If you are making a number of shirts here is how I got them all line up correctly. Fold your DRY finished shirt in half and line up the bottom stitching. Then align your stencils. It even works when the shirts are different sizes and styles. Or at least it did for me. I am making two same size boy shirts and one girl shirt.


All done!! Now they have cute new shirts for the trip. Hope this helps you to save some $$ on your disney trip. These would also be a great way to make a birthday party shirt for a Micky Mouse Party.

Disney Here We Come!!

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