How To Train Your Dragon Party


Well here I am again blogging! It took about a week for me to come to terms with the fact that for me to enjoy my kids being home 24/7, I had to give up on having a clean house and blogging for the summer. Now the kids are back in school and I have a weird amount of free time on my hands. Weird in that I haven’t a clue what I should be doing. So since I have an actual moment to myself I would LOVE to share with you the awesome How To Train Your Dragon party we had for my oldest!


My kids love all the How to Train Your Dragon shows. With the second movie coming out this summer it was a total must for the party theme. Also note that this is my daughter’s party. I will say that I found it totally annoying that all the dragon stuff was in the “boy” section of every store. Girls like dragons too people! It didn’t help that I was ahead for the all the products to hit the stores. I literally, by complete chance, found the themed plates and posters at 10:30 pm in a Walmart 30 minutes from my house. It was random and I was the crazy lady talking happily to myself throwing everything into my cart.


Also I had a friend at the party point out to me that Astride and the Frozen chick look a lot a like. Hummm. It’s like a with and without makeup situation.

Anyway. Here is the party in all of its dragon awesomeness!





I got the idea for the dragon head and tail for a viking boat theme table from From Prince Paperie. It was super easy to make. Just mat board, paint and hot glue. The hardest part was cutting though the mat board.



Here are some links to the paper products I used. Note that I did not buy any of this online. It was really a magical moment when I rounded that end cap and saw all the dragon stuff.


All this great stuff comes in a pack and can be found HERE.


The plates can be found on Amazon HERE. For the table covering I used my Mother-inlaw’s black table cloth with three different color plastic table clothes. I used left over mat board to back some print outs of our favorite characters from the movie. Since the party was 12 hours away from our home, these pre made party packs were the way to go. I would normally make up all my own decor so this was my first ever “party supply” use. I will say that I actually like it. It was like walking right into the movie. Plus I re used some of the supplies at Halloween for her Astrid costume.


For some added fun, I made a simple dragon egg hunt. My Mom got me these extra large Easter eggs years  ago and I figured they made perfect dragon eggs. I hid regular eggs around with clues that led to the main nest. Inside were all her birthday gifts from us. She loved it!

So thats it! A dragon party for a girl who loves dragons. I loved how everything came out and my not so  little girl was over the moon. Happy 7th birthday!


Also if your kid is into the movie you should check out the books! How To Train Your Dragon Books. We got her the first eight books as a birthday gift and I have been reading ahead of her. They are….funny. I actually really enjoy reading them but they do have some slightly crude humor. As an adult I find it pretty funny. They remind me a lot of Roald Dahl’s  books (Matilda, The Witches, etc. ). Over all pretty fun adventure books.

Happy Birthday to an amazing little viking!

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Update: Check out this homemade Astrid costume! I backed Astrid’s shield with some sturdy cardboard and hot glued a cardboard handle. Great reuse of the party supplies. This little girl looked fierce in her Halloween school parade.



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