Three Little Indians

While I can not go back and share with you the patterns( or complete lack of ) and the how to’s, I still want to share my little ones Halloween costumes from last year. It all started with this vintage Indian girl I ran across on Pinterest. I just love her. What better costume for a girl who loves all things nature.

Vintage Indian Girl

I worked with a simple dress pattern but modified it for my needs. The dress is made from felt and I painted right on the dress with acrylic craft paint.  The felt is great because you can cut tassels without the fabric fraying. Plus there is no need for any hems. We caught all the spears in a Mardi Gras parade. How convenient! Her belt is braided yarn with a wooden bead and feathers from her nature collection.



For my boys I used the same dress pattern and did a lot of tinkering around until I had a tunic top. For the top I used fleece and for the bottoms some sort of baby blanket material. I would suggest using all fleece. Like felt you can cut right into with no worries about fraying. It can be pretty cold here Halloween night. With the fleece tops there was no need for a jacket.


Their headdresses are made from craft foam, feathers and some repurposed ribbon. I wish I had DIY pictures! It was pretty easy to make. Their necklaces are braided yarn with a wooden bead and matching feathers.



The day I took their pictures was perfection. The trail by our home could not have been more beautiful. While some of these pictures are fantastic, others… humm not so much. So to keep it real I would like to share the ridiculousness that occurred when I tried to get all three together.

 Lets all take a moment to laugh at the joys of trying to take three children’s photo together.




I could go on and on. When I am having a terrible day I just scroll trough the group pictures from that day. One kid in EVERY single picture is doing something ridiculous. Not a single good picture of them all together. Ha! All you can do is laugh.

But seriously, do not try to take wondrous costume pictures on Halloween night. Who needs that pressure?? I highly suggest setting aside some time before or after Halloween night to take your ” all dressed up” photos.


I hope that this has inspired you for this upcoming Halloween!

Stay tuned for DIY Wild Kratts Power Suits.

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2 thoughts on “Three Little Indians

    • She loved her costume so much! We went to the Native American Museum and she spent 3 HOURS self guided listening to her audio wand and looking at all the artifacts. Glad she wanted to be something that represents such a strong, interesting and beautiful culture! This year she wants to be the kick butt Viking Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon. Ohhh how I LOVE Halloween!


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