Zebra Cake For A Safari Party

zebracake2A major part of every party is the cake. This year was no different and I felt ready to step up my game. Bring on the Zebra Cake!  You will have to forgive me on the darkness of the baking pictures. I made the poor choice of starting my baking a 9pm that led to my laying in my bed at 11 pm listening for the oven timer to ding. Boo. I am glad I did it, but I am not a night owl.

So. First things first. You will need a box of Duncan Hines Devils food cake and a box of Duncan Hines French Vanilla. Duncan Hines has the right consistency to spread but not run.

IMG_2668This was my first time using an 8 inch pan. They only had one at the store hence my being up until 11pm baking. I really love it. Strange how an inch makes such a big difference in the look of the cake. Anyway, fix your mixes according the the instructions on the box. Be sure and spray your pan very well. Nothing is worse than a stuck cake. Ack.


Once you have your mixes ready and pan spayed you will pour 1/4 a cup of one flavor in the middle of your pan. Then follow with the same amount in the alternating flavor. I found two small condiment bowls and designated one for each flavor to keep them from mixing.


Then you continue until your pan is full and at normal filling hight.


Or if you are tired and its late it might look more like the one below.


No worries. Everything turns out just fine.


So lovely!



Next I want to share this handy tool. I bought this years ago from Ikea in a cake decorating kit but this is my first ever time using it. Feelings= LOVE. No more sloppy steak knife cuts or a leaning cake. Get one. You need it.



Drum roll for the revel!!!


Yes I actually gave myself a pat on the back while cutting the cake. It was a nice surprise for the kids and I felt like a genius. Really though, it was super easy and you can feel like a genius too. Be sure and check back for the Chocolate Cream Cheese recipe. Oh yes it was good.

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Ps- Inspiration and original instructions can be found HERE.


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