Girl Power

rosie-the-riveter-1943 My daughter recently turned seven. Up until this point she has been completely unaware of the opinions of others. This summer I noticed her sweet little feet were standing on the doorstep and I used the opportunities that God placed in front of me to prepare her for the ugliness that lays on the other side.

It started with a comment about liking “boy stuff”. The boxes toys are placed in, the isle it is on, these things have started to register with her. The media has crept into her tiny world through advertising on a toy box. I can not control every tiny detail of her world. Something will always worm its way into our home and lives. I will censure when I can, but it is also my job to build her up. To show her the way.

So before we reach the days of Teen Magazine I want to use my own “media” to impress upon her the awesomeness that is being a women in our family. She comes from a strong group of ladies and I want their images impressed on her mind before she is staring glossy eyed at a photoshop image of what the world at large wants young women to buy into, telling her what she can and can not be or do.

After a heart to heart talk, I dug through my box of family pictures and pulled out the ones of our family ladies rocking at being themselves.


My Father’s Mother ( the lovely lady in the middle) with her hunting club. She was known in her parts for being a sharpshooter.


My Mother’s Mom bass fishing. This one is my girl’s favorite out of the group. She loves to fish.


My Aunt Lynda who took up riding in her early 30’s. Not only does she still ride but she has first place ribbons to show for her hard work.


My Mom modeling a backpack for the newspaper. Because doing “girly” things is ok too.


Me. She knows I am more than just a “Mom” but being a Mom is ok too.

These ladies are a part of our lives. She will have memories about them to help hold up their images of awesomeness. I pray that when she looks at the glossy pictures in magazines or build boards they will just slip right past her. Instead of looking to them for answers, she will already have a heart full.

How do the women in your life inspire you?

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