Kawaii Style Food For World Thinking Day- Japan


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What is Kawaii you ask? Kawaii is a Japanese term used to describe a level of cuteness or lovableness that is common in Japanese pop culture. This “cuteness” is applied to fashion, behavior, food and even things like buses.


Hello!! I’ll take a bowl of funny marshmallows looking at me any day. What kid wouldn’t love these?


I found these bags of marshmallows at Wal-Mart for $1.12 for a bag of 40. I thought they would be a perfect reference to Japanese Kawaii marshmallows. They even had cupcake and ice cream cone styles. The ice cream ones came with about 15 per bag so not ideal cost wise for us. Not to mention that there were not enough bags on the self to fill our needs. But I can tell you, they were tempting all the same.


I cut the marshmallows in half and put “two” in each cup. We used small snack cups from Sam’s that come 50 per bag. Putting in the containers meant that we didn’t have to wear gloves at the event and the girls can toss them in their bag and enjoy them later. There is a lot of eating happening at World Thinking Day. So if something can be saved for later then do it.   It will really help the girls to survive the taste testing.

food tag WTD for blog copy

For an added touch I came up with these tags. They look great and help convey our idea. We used sheets of return address stickers. I even had a leader who decide to wear hers. Lol. She had decided to label herself as a Kawaii leader.



Such an easy and fun snack for your booth!

japan4©c.stoufflet japan5©c.stoufflet


What a good looking booth! Here are the links for Coin Collection JarCherry Blossom Craft and our SWAP.

Happy World Thinking Day!

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