Valentines Day!



Need some quick and easy Valentines? I know I did. Nothing like walking in on a Monday and  realizing you need to have 45 Valentines ready by Thursday. Almost an epic Mom fail moment. Enter frantic Pinterest searching and a mad dash to the grocery store.



Last year I used this chip Valentine for my daughter’s class. She really like them and everyone was super happy about getting CHIPS. I decided to revise the idea to make them faster to cut and to use less of my color ink. I printed them on brown craft paper and we stapled them in place. [ Also in my mad rush I have printed these with the wrong spelling twice! Geez. Serenity NOW! Third try is the charm right? ]





This is the first year that my boys have had separate Valentines. Such a tiny reminder that my babies are growing up. They are still in the same pre-school class, so their Valentines needed to be different but relatively equal. So I settled on applesauce and cereal. The boys gave me the thumbs up, so off I went to Pinterest to see what cute printables already existed.

[Note that I am not giving out candy. This is a result of just having thrown out three leftover buckets of Halloween candy ( don’t worry, all chocolate candy was eaten). All these items are considered treats in our home and not normally on the menu. For me, I have an easier time allowing the occasional chip treat than handing my kid a pixie stick. Is one really worse than the other? I don’t know but it makes ME feel better. The kids are happy, I am happy. End side note.]


I found these great printouts at Creating Awesome Free Things. All I added was the little heart and name. The just print, cut and stick. WooHoo. Just 10 more to go!


Next I found these great tags from Smashed Peas And Carrots. This time all I added was my little ones name. Easy easy. Print, cut and tape.


 Yes! 45 Valentines ready to roll.

Happy Valentines Day!!

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