About Me

I am currently a stay at home mom of three, two of which are twin boys.  Before my life was taken over by children, I was a drawing and painting major. I had my hands in glass blowing, loom weaving, photography, fabric dying, printmaking, ceramics, drawing and painting. Since entering into the land of Motherhood I have taught myself to sew, cook, garden and craft ( this word for me means all things cute and non “intellectual art”).  I am a busy body, unless I am planted in the bed with a book. I love to read!

My goals for my life are as follows :

–  to raise my children with intention and thoughtfulness

– to create a home that is not only welcoming but a high functioning workhorse

– to give myself permission to make whatever I feel like making

– to use my creative mind to make family life more fun, less expensive and simple

– to share with the world the way I do things, in hopes that it may bring ideas or answers to others. Life is not “one size fits all”, but inspiration can be a powerful life changer.

Thank you for stopping by!

603132_10151931045553555_1938422595_nI can be reached by email at christinstoufflet@yahoo.com.


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