Reusable Cloth Napkins For Kids


For Christmas this year I asked my Mom for cloth napkins for the kids. Like most kids, mine are pretty messy eaters. At every meal I have several choices: Continue reading


All Natural Peppermint Scented Window Cleaner

I have been making and using this window cleaner for years. I love it and will never use another product. Here is why: Continue reading

Nitron in the garden

This will be my second summer for my new home garden. I have been planting a garden each summer for the past 6 years. I have learned a few pretty good tricks along the way, but this is the first time I have had easy access to such amazing and affordable organic garden products. Sure I have chosen from the handful of products on the selves at the typical garden centers but Nitron Industries is the real deal. Their products are 100% natural and chemical free. 

So this year I have purchased a few things to help build up my dirt. The key to healthy, pest free plants is good dirt. I like to start working my dirt on the random warm day here. It gives the dirt time to “mix” so I don’t burn my plant with over fertilizing.

Here is the what I put in today:


This is not a Nitron Product, but is supplied by them through their store.
It is Cotton Burr and is supposed to be an amazing soil conditioner. As a plus it contains nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. The three key elements to good dirt health.


Nitron”s Nature Meal Vegetable Fertilizer provides a slow release of essential nutrients to your soil. In other words it feeds your plants through the corse of the summer .


Azomite is a natural mineral product. It says on their site that it contains a broad spectrum of over 70 metabolically active minerals and trace elements. In the average gardener’s terms this means that the food you grow will be full of the vitamin and minerals that your body needs.


And last but not least, three bags of mushroom compost. Its great for compacted soil and helping with water retention.

I am also sending a sample of my garden dirt off to see if I have a healthy balance or if I am missing anything. Mine is being done by the University Of Arkansas Agricultural Department. If you plan to start a garden I highly suggest you test your dirt. Great dirt = an awesome garden.