Protecting Your Seeds

It is finally time to be in the garden again. How I have missed spending the morning out in my yard! I have had a garden every year for the past 7 summers. Even for the two summers that we were renting I lucked out and had a great spot to garden in our neighborhood community garden. It was in this garden that I came to understand the awesomeness of raised garden beds.

So when it came time for our new garden to be put into our home yard, it had to be raised beds. We checked out Ana White to she what she had to offer in the way of DIY.

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Sand Table

So it went from freezing to pretty darn hot in a snap. We are welcoming the warm weather by cleaning out our “tiny house”. The main star in the tiny house is our sand table. It is a pretty simple idea, but I just had to share it. We have been happily using our homemade sand table for almost 4 years now.



Every year I empty the sand table, sand it up and reapply the paint. Here is what our table looks like empty. We used all scrap wood from the trash pile from a house that was being built in our neighborhood. The bottom piece has small holes drilled in it to allow for water to drain, but not for all the sand to pour out.

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A Slide For My Wild Little Pumpkins

We are in the up and down craziness that is a Southern winter. On Friday it was 3 degrees when I dropped my daughter off at school. Then Saturday and Sunday it was in the low 60. We knew it was going to snap back on Monday, so we ran in the yard and got busy working.

I love for my kids to be outside. Especially in the afternoon when I am trying to make dinner. The whole back of my house is windows, but I still like to know that they are safe and out of trouble.

Last year we built the kids a play house. I found the inspiration HERE.


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