Valentines Day!



Need some quick and easy Valentines? I know I did. Nothing like walking in on a Monday and  realizing you need to have 45 Valentines ready by Thursday. Almost an epic Mom fail moment. Enter frantic Pinterest searching and a mad dash to the grocery store.



Last year I used this chip Valentine for my daughter’s class. She really like them and everyone was super happy about getting CHIPS. I decided to revise the idea to make them faster to cut and to use less of my color ink. I printed them on brown craft paper and we stapled them in place. [ Also in my mad rush I have printed these with the wrong spelling twice! Geez. Serenity NOW! Third try is the charm right? ]





This is the first year that my boys have had separate Valentines. Such a tiny reminder that my babies are growing up. They are still in the same pre-school class, so their Valentines needed to be different but relatively equal. So I settled on applesauce and cereal. The boys gave me the thumbs up, so off I went to Pinterest to see what cute printables already existed.

[Note that I am not giving out candy. This is a result of just having thrown out three leftover buckets of Halloween candy ( don’t worry, all chocolate candy was eaten). All these items are considered treats in our home and not normally on the menu. For me, I have an easier time allowing the occasional chip treat than handing my kid a pixie stick. Is one really worse than the other? I don’t know but it makes ME feel better. The kids are happy, I am happy. End side note.]


I found these great printouts at Creating Awesome Free Things. All I added was the little heart and name. The just print, cut and stick. WooHoo. Just 10 more to go!


Next I found these great tags from Smashed Peas And Carrots. This time all I added was my little ones name. Easy easy. Print, cut and tape.


 Yes! 45 Valentines ready to roll.

Happy Valentines Day!!

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Zebra Cake For A Safari Party

zebracake2A major part of every party is the cake. This year was no different and I felt ready to step up my game. Bring on the Zebra Cake!  You will have to forgive me on the darkness of the baking pictures. I made the poor choice of starting my baking a 9pm that led to my laying in my bed at 11 pm listening for the oven timer to ding. Boo. I am glad I did it, but I am not a night owl. Continue reading

Freezer Paper Shirts and Getting Ready for DISNEY!

To celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary my hubby and I are taking our little family to Disney World. We will be visiting The Magic Kingdom and The Animal Kingdom. Then, once we are done bathing in luxury, we are going to camp on the beach for two nights.( Lord Be with us!!!) To save some cash, I have been sweeping Pinterest on money saving tips.


I found this pin from Dana Made It. I love them! I really like the simple vintage look to them. They are perfect for our day at Animal Kingdom ( yes I plan to dress them safari style).

If you get your shirts from Wal-Mart then they cost less than $5 each to make. When you have to multiply everything by 3 or more it can be pretty pricy. I want to pull out all the stops on our trip but I don’t want to blow loads of money doing it. So less than $15 for three shirts vs. $15 per shirt. Deal. Hand me the paint. You can go HERE to follow the same instructions I followed. ( Plus, when their Daddy buys them ice cream and they dribble it all down their front and ruin their shirt on its first wear, I can smile, take a pic, and not worry about $45 down the drain. )

I will note that Dana Made It is unsure of where she got her Mickey and Minnie images. BUMMER! They are so cute. Bellow is the one I used for the shirts I made.



Continue reading

DIY Reading Tent

Two Christmases ago, I found this great cardboard castle for my daughter on black Friday for $8. She LOVED it. (OMG! When I googled for this picture, the price is $38. Geez!) It gave her a great place to hide out in her room. She would also “camp out” in it every now and again. Like I said, she loves it.

After 2 years of being in her room and two sneaky brothers, it had started to reach its last leg. Not to mention that it is pretty big. I was willing to over look its massiveness until it started to look worn out. I think I asked every time I deep cleaned her room if I could take it out.  No way was the answer.



I had been looking a different tents for months and months. Nothing was floating my boat. Until I saw this one.



This is from David and Caroline Parker. I love it. They used the plans from Anna White, but its the front closure that did it for me. We are very familiar with Anna White building plans in this house. Her building plans are awesome. I already had my fabric, paint and bolts. I purchased the 4 foot long pre-cut pieces of wood from HomeDepot.



IMG_1680 Continue reading

Bread Pudding – Paula Deen Revised


So I set out to make Bread Pudding this week. I did some searching and came across Paula Deen’s recipe. This was not my first time making bread pudding and I was curious as to what the Paula way would be like. She is known for her over the top Southern delicacies ( aka the use of loads of butter on anything and everything) and she held strong to her recipe book with this one. I had to make some changes or this would have been way to rich for my family. Even with the changes it is something to be eaten in small portions and savored. Below is her recipe with my hopefully helpful tweaks. Continue reading

The Samoa Cake


Every year I bake my husband’s birthday cake. My daughter has asked me at least 75 times what type of cake we would make, every year I make something totally new. I had no clue what I would make until I noticed that “someone,” aka my husband, had eaten the only two boxes of Samoa cookies I bought. I didn’t even know he liked them. They are MY FAVORITE. As far as I am aware his favorite is Thin Mint. So those cookies in my mind were MINE.


After some funny arguing about how we have been married for 10 years and dang it Thin Mint is what he is supposed to like not my Samoas, I set out looking for a Samoa cake. And I found this! Whoohoo! Thank you Betsy Life!

IMG_1564Off I ran with my list to the store. I have never made a bunt cake so I found this pretty pan at Wal-Mart for $11. Continue reading

Spring Nesting

Spring is slowly, ever so slowly, coming around the bend. Even with cold temps and snow you can not stop the calendar, and Easter is on its way no matter what. So down from the attic comes my box of Easter decorations. I really enjoy Easter decorations. Who doesn’t love the confusing images of bunnies sitting on eggs?

Copy of Bird Nest TITLE PAGE - SIDEBAR

So I saw this post from Stone Gable Blog  and just had to make it.  It super easy and a little messy.


Here is what I used:

– peat moss

– adhesive spray

– twigs and sticks

– some moss or bark to add detail

–  eggs

Stone Gable Blog advises to use a spray acrylic sealer in matte. I did not use one. My nest seems to holding strong with the just the adhesive. So if you have it already then try it out, but if not, maybe save yourself a few bucks.

FYI- I will note that I didn’t realize the lovely eggs I bought would be hot glued to the egg crate. Nice. Who would have thought they were meant to be displayed as eggs in a crate? They still work for my project so not such a big deal.



When you open you bag of moss it will already be tightly packed together. I pulled the moss mass in half. Then work the moss until you have a nest shape. I did an egg check to make sure it was big enough. Super easy. It will make a peat moss mess on your table. Be ready with the trash can and broom.

IMG_1525 IMG_1526

Next, it’s time to add the details. Birds use all sorts of things to make their nest. So you could really add all sorts of stuff. If your Easter style is more of a mod look, I bet you could work some interesting fabric strips into the nest.  I chose to keep it simple with moss, bark and sticks.


I LOVE it!


Now its time to take it outside. You are going to use the spray adhesive to glue all the detail in place and to help the moss to hold its shape.


Three little eggs to represent by three little pumpkins.

Happy nest making!

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