Kawaii Style Food For World Thinking Day- Japan


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What is Kawaii you ask? Kawaii is a Japanese term used to describe a level of cuteness or lovableness that is common in Japanese pop culture. This “cuteness” is applied to fashion, behavior, food and even things like buses.


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Girl Power

rosie-the-riveter-1943 My daughter recently turned seven. Up until this point she has been completely unaware of the opinions of others. This summer I noticed her sweet little feet were standing on the doorstep and I used the opportunities that God placed in front of me to prepare her for the ugliness that lays on the other side.

It started with a comment about liking “boy stuff”. The boxes toys are placed in, the isle it is on, these things have started to register with her. The media has crept into her tiny world through advertising on a toy box. I can not control every tiny detail of her world. Something will always worm its way into our home and lives. I will censure when I can, but it is also my job to build her up. To show her the way.

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The Liebster Award


So this is totally unexpected and fun! Erin from The Zen Nest has given me the Liebster Award! I am only a month into this experience and I am completely astonished that I have nearly 2,000 views. I really figured I would have about 10 maybe 20. Just myself and my family checking me out. They have been checking me out, but so have people from 32 other countries! Now to my astonishment I am being noticed by a fellow blogger! Continue reading