How To Train Your Dragon Party


Well here I am again blogging! It took about a week for me to come to terms with the fact that for me to enjoy my kids being home 24/7, I had to give up on having a clean house and blogging for the summer. Now the kids are back in school and I have a weird amount of free time on my hands. Weird in that I haven’t a clue what I should be doing. So since I have an actual moment to myself I would LOVE to share with you the awesome How To Train Your Dragon party we had for my oldest!

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Freezer Paper Shirts and Getting Ready for DISNEY!

To celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary my hubby and I are taking our little family to Disney World. We will be visiting The Magic Kingdom and The Animal Kingdom. Then, once we are done bathing in luxury, we are going to camp on the beach for two nights.( Lord Be with us!!!) To save some cash, I have been sweeping Pinterest on money saving tips.


I found this pin from Dana Made It. I love them! I really like the simple vintage look to them. They are perfect for our day at Animal Kingdom ( yes I plan to dress them safari style).

If you get your shirts from Wal-Mart then they cost less than $5 each to make. When you have to multiply everything by 3 or more it can be pretty pricy. I want to pull out all the stops on our trip but I don’t want to blow loads of money doing it. So less than $15 for three shirts vs. $15 per shirt. Deal. Hand me the paint. You can go HERE to follow the same instructions I followed. ( Plus, when their Daddy buys them ice cream and they dribble it all down their front and ruin their shirt on its first wear, I can smile, take a pic, and not worry about $45 down the drain. )

I will note that Dana Made It is unsure of where she got her Mickey and Minnie images. BUMMER! They are so cute. Bellow is the one I used for the shirts I made.



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Protecting Your Seeds

It is finally time to be in the garden again. How I have missed spending the morning out in my yard! I have had a garden every year for the past 7 summers. Even for the two summers that we were renting I lucked out and had a great spot to garden in our neighborhood community garden. It was in this garden that I came to understand the awesomeness of raised garden beds.

So when it came time for our new garden to be put into our home yard, it had to be raised beds. We checked out Ana White to she what she had to offer in the way of DIY.

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Sand Table

So it went from freezing to pretty darn hot in a snap. We are welcoming the warm weather by cleaning out our “tiny house”. The main star in the tiny house is our sand table. It is a pretty simple idea, but I just had to share it. We have been happily using our homemade sand table for almost 4 years now.



Every year I empty the sand table, sand it up and reapply the paint. Here is what our table looks like empty. We used all scrap wood from the trash pile from a house that was being built in our neighborhood. The bottom piece has small holes drilled in it to allow for water to drain, but not for all the sand to pour out.

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DIY Reading Tent

Two Christmases ago, I found this great cardboard castle for my daughter on black Friday for $8. She LOVED it. (OMG! When I googled for this picture, the price is $38. Geez!) It gave her a great place to hide out in her room. She would also “camp out” in it every now and again. Like I said, she loves it.

After 2 years of being in her room and two sneaky brothers, it had started to reach its last leg. Not to mention that it is pretty big. I was willing to over look its massiveness until it started to look worn out. I think I asked every time I deep cleaned her room if I could take it out.  No way was the answer.



I had been looking a different tents for months and months. Nothing was floating my boat. Until I saw this one.



This is from David and Caroline Parker. I love it. They used the plans from Anna White, but its the front closure that did it for me. We are very familiar with Anna White building plans in this house. Her building plans are awesome. I already had my fabric, paint and bolts. I purchased the 4 foot long pre-cut pieces of wood from HomeDepot.



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My Studio- Part Two

The new floor is in and it feels so GOOD! I finally have my room back. The lingering cat urine smell is totally GONE, the room has the wonderful smell of NOTHING. The scent seems to be gone for Peter Poundstone as well. Once a cat has marked a spot they keep doing it until the smell is 100% gone. Two weeks and no problems. WOOHOOO! There have been some major improvements in the functionality of the room as well. Its all around awesome.

First a look at what it was like before:


There are still small projects to be done but I am to excited to continue decorating. I want to get to work! So with out further ado here is my new and improved studio!!!


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My Studio- Part One

So this weekend we have been hard at work in the Stoufflet house. What have we been doing? Replacing the carpet in my studio. Our house is only 2 years old, and we built it. So why are we pulling out the floor? Well it started with this guy.


Peter Poundstone. To make a long story short, he has a habit of peeing on the studio carpet. I have cleaned and cleaned. No matter what I do, he sneaks up there and does it again. I will say that I never wanted carpet in that room. Why in the world would we have carpet in a room where I paint and let my kids paint? I blame it on the lame lady at our builder’s flooring supplier.  The standard for that room was carpet and all she would show me was hardwood and strange rubber type flooring that would all completely blow our our budget. Lesson learned- you do not have to buy all your flooring from the builder’s chosen supplier. Continue reading