Nature Nature Everywhere

naturediscoverybox©c.stoufflet My kids are nature collectors. Rocks, sticks, fossils, acorns, and anything else that finds it’s way onto our walking path. I love this about them, they get it from me after all, but I don’t actually like nature bits scattered all over the house. Some of what we find is really just mess and I secretly toss it into our backyard. Other things are truly awesome wonders. What to do? I want to encourage my nature explorers but maybe not find a load of acorns under someone’s bed. I want something neat, tidy, kid friendly, easy to access but not out in the way all the time.   naturebox5©c.stoufflet Inspiration came while wondering around in Hobby Lobby. While looking at Christmas decorations and such, I ran across this craft paper box thing (nice description). It is advertised as a base for an advent calendar. But what I see are 25 drawers of nature storage! naturebox6©c.stoufflet You could get crafty with the outside or you can keep it plain. Since this sits on a hutch in my dinning area I chose to keep it blank. I like the clean look of it. That, and if I labeled the drawers, I would have to look at my sloppy handwriting every time I sit to eat at the table. Not good for my OCD. naturebox©c.stoufflet1   I love how clean it looks. You can find instructions for the handprint owl HERE. naturebox3©c.stoufflet My kids love to bring it down and look through all the boxes. It also provides a much needed space for all their little nature wonders. I will still probably find pockets full of acorn and rocks, but now we have a special spot for the really great stuff we find.

So there you have it. A nature discovery box. Simple and clean. I can not wait until the weather warms up so we can get back into nature and find some more cool stuff! I have dreams of a curiosity cabinet full of wonders from our family hikes.

Now get out into nature and find some stuff!

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