Zebra Cake For A Safari Party

zebracake2A major part of every party is the cake. This year was no different and I felt ready to step up my game. Bring on the Zebra Cake!  You will have to forgive me on the darkness of the baking pictures. I made the poor choice of starting my baking a 9pm that led to my laying in my bed at 11 pm listening for the oven timer to ding. Boo. I am glad I did it, but I am not a night owl. Continue reading


The Liebster Award


So this is totally unexpected and fun! Erin from The Zen Nest has given me the Liebster Award! I am only a month into this experience and I am completely astonished that I have nearly 2,000 views. I really figured I would have about 10 maybe 20. Just myself and my family checking me out. They have been checking me out, but so have people from 32 other countries! Now to my astonishment I am being noticed by a fellow blogger! Continue reading