Spring Nesting

Spring is slowly, ever so slowly, coming around the bend. Even with cold temps and snow you can not stop the calendar, and Easter is on its way no matter what. So down from the attic comes my box of Easter decorations. I really enjoy Easter decorations. Who doesn’t love the confusing images of bunnies sitting on eggs?

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So I saw this post from Stone Gable Blog  and just had to make it.  It super easy and a little messy.


Here is what I used:

– peat moss

– adhesive spray

– twigs and sticks

– some moss or bark to add detail

–  eggs

Stone Gable Blog advises to use a spray acrylic sealer in matte. I did not use one. My nest seems to holding strong with the just the adhesive. So if you have it already then try it out, but if not, maybe save yourself a few bucks.

FYI- I will note that I didn’t realize the lovely eggs I bought would be hot glued to the egg crate. Nice. Who would have thought they were meant to be displayed as eggs in a crate? They still work for my project so not such a big deal.



When you open you bag of moss it will already be tightly packed together. I pulled the moss mass in half. Then work the moss until you have a nest shape. I did an egg check to make sure it was big enough. Super easy. It will make a peat moss mess on your table. Be ready with the trash can and broom.

IMG_1525 IMG_1526

Next, it’s time to add the details. Birds use all sorts of things to make their nest. So you could really add all sorts of stuff. If your Easter style is more of a mod look, I bet you could work some interesting fabric strips into the nest.  I chose to keep it simple with moss, bark and sticks.


I LOVE it!


Now its time to take it outside. You are going to use the spray adhesive to glue all the detail in place and to help the moss to hold its shape.


Three little eggs to represent by three little pumpkins.

Happy nest making!

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